DKID – Agile Product Design Consulting Services

For a few years I’ve been consulting with a variety of companies to develop software using Agile techniques. Following the Agile Manifesto, we work together to create human story-centred development that meets and often exceeds expectations.

You can reach me Dave at

Dave and I have worked together, off and on, for 25 years; most recently at Thoughtexchange. His super power is product management. He considers all aspects of the product including how it’s marketed, sold and supported. This is then reflected in his user experience designs, feature prioritization and the negotiation across all the players to get features implemented. He is a stickler for details whilst holding the big picture clear as well. He has done work that I consider amongst the best I’ve ever seen from anyone I’ve ever worked with..”

Jim Firstbook, President of Thoughtexchange – January 2021