Prinergy at 20

This May Kodak will sponsor their Graphic Users Association (GUA) a user group meeting founded by Creo the 1990s. It’s my honour to be a guest at this year’s GUA as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of Prinergy’s launch at Seybold San Francisco in 1999.

Not many products stay viable in the market for 20 years. While Prinergy started out to be 5 years ahead of the competition when we designed it, none of us expected it would still be around, and sold as a viable business and valued customer solution twenty years later.

In 2012 Prinergy won the first ever Legacy Must See ‘Em award of the annual Graph Expo trade show in Chicago, the print industry’s largest US show.

One judge commented, “Nothing else on the list went on to become as widely adopted and used as Prinergy.  It’s a bedrock technology that continues to evolve as it drives productivity throughout the industry.”  Another said, “This is still the most widely integrated and automated product on the market … it’s a fixture in the industry.”  Other comments described it as “robust” and “a complete success.”  Clearly, the Selection Committee felt that in consideration with other progressive MUST SEE ‘EMS winners since 1999, Prinergy was a standout with a significant long-term impact on the graphic communications industry.  

– Editor and Publisher Magazine, October 8, 2012

Many developers worked on Prinergy, and it evolved over time to match the needs of commercial printers as digital print, automation integration with mis systems, web-based job preflight, and color-accurate remote proofing all emerged as critical parts to help differentiate print against the onslaught of web-based content.

Above: Dave introducing Prinergy 1.0 at GraphExpo 1999 in Chicago
Below: Prinergy 20th Anniversary Event at Kodak GUA in 2019

Prinergy’s Legacy

On October 6 2012, Prinergy was awarded a first-ever “Must See ‘Em” Legacy award at GraphExpo in Chicago, the largest print and publishing trade show in North America, for being “the most widely integrated and automated product on the market … it’s a fixture in the industry.”

Over the 14 years since its introduction, Prinergy changed the way printers managed the prepress aspect of their workflow, from customer to the printed sheets coming off the printer.

Dave Introducing Prinergy at GraphExpo 1999

I’m immensely proud of being the first Product Manager for Prinergy, and seeing it through many of its transitions, technically as PDF evolved, and from a business sense of being through acquisitions and mergers with a product that complemented Creo’s game-changing computer-to-plate hardware, and made a name on its own.